LIN-LIN Productions - Portraits, Murals, Paintings, & Prints
 Visit our Gallery to see 30+ Artists works
                  LIN-LIN Studio Gallery
LIN-LIN Productions -We are...
Producers, Publishers & Distributors of fine art.
 We create....."Art At Its Best"
     We are versed in all mediums for paintings, drawings, illustrations and prints.
     Specializing in portraits, abstracts, landscapes, murals, seascapes, and wildlife
    With over 40 years of experience in all aspects of fine art; our styles
     and techniques range from traditional to innovative and extremely
     unique one of a kind pieces of art.
                                                      This is where...
  Your imagination will be images as vivid as your dreams.
  Commissioned Portraits for one or multiple heads available with good
  photos.  All types of commissioned works to suit your home or office.
  Call us with your ideas of what you are looking for.
                                                       We offer...
                  Art Drawing Classes:  Tuesday's  - Friday's  ( 2 pm - 7 pm)
                                    Saturday's (2pm - 6pm)  &  Sunday's (2pm - 4pm)  
          Lessons in Graphite & Colored Pencil.  Beginners, Intermediate
                               & Advanced artists are welcome. Ages 8 and up.
       Meet two sessions a week for 4 weeks  - Drawing / Painting Classes  
                                                     Call # below to register anytime.
        Studio Gallery:    757-696-0824                        Fax:   757-853-2223
       Studio Gallery Location:
        9569 Shore Drive
        Norfolk, VA  23518
            @ "East Beach Shoppes"  
        Monday - Friday :  11 am - 8 pm
        Sat.:  11 am - 6 pm
        Sun:  12 pm - 5 pm
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