LIN-LIN Productions - Portraits, Murals, Paintings, & Prints
                         "Art At Its Best"
    Venture into your own artistic imagination...commissioned works 
    of Art available for Portraits, Murals, Paintings & Prints
    LIN-LIN Productions  produces Art not only from its' own ideas, but from
    their client's ideas of images they want, need and desire to fulfill any life space.
    Portraits can be done from good photographs or live poses. The style in which 
    you would like to see them depicted on paper or canvas is open for you to discuss
    with Linwood Pettaway, Master Portrait artist.
    Murals, another specialty, may be done on inside or outside walls.  The size of
    the wall you may need to have fulfilled has no boundries.
    With a "variety of mediums, styles and techniques" to choose from, there
    are no limitations of what we can produce. Take a  look at some Art At Its Best 
    from our on site gallery collection.       EXPLORE YOUR IMAGINATION !
        "Art At Its Best"   just keeps getting better, so come back to visit.
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           Linwood Pettaway
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