LIN-LIN Productions - Portraits, Murals, Paintings, & Prints
Linwood Pettaway will
     Murals of anything you may
                 below are samples of his
 Tropical Murals
         "THE NARROWS"  -   Mural
              Prints Avail.   $120.00

           "VA BEACH"    -   Mural 
              "SPILLING"   -  Mural
          "COMPANIONS"  -  Mural
          "REACHING OUT"  -   Mural
                          "IN FLIGHT"
         Prints Available   $120.00
             "LADY ON THE BEACH"
                Prints Avail.   $120.00
do inside & outside
want painted on the walls;
Tropical Scenes
                         " REUNION"
             MEDIUM :          PEN & INK
             TECHNIQUE:   STIPPLE
           Prints Avail.  $80. - $120.00
                 "FOUR FISHERMEN"
             MEDIUM:  Colored Pencil
             TECHNIQUE:  SMUDGE
               Orig. Avail.   $1250.00

                            Orig. Sold
          'BACK DROP" - Orig. Avail
           Prints Available   $120.00
                       "EARTH RISING"
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